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Getting to Know Your Rubber

Our instruments can identify those all-important scientific
properties such as: Elasticity, Viscosity and Young's modulus.

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Quality Control

Consistency is key. Our
Volumetric Sample Preparation
can help achieve just that.

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Need a hand?

Prescott Instruments automation modules and help take the load.
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High Performance

We have the equipment!
Ensure your testing is reliable
and consistent with Prescott
Instruments' spares and parts.

Our quality range is sure to
support you, including: heaters,
rotors, dies, seal plates and
Melinex and Dartek film.

Something for everyone.

Specialist in Rubber Testing Instruments

Prescott Instruments. More than a Manufacturer.

Prescott Instruments are at the forefront of specialist laboratory equipment and acquisition software engineering for the Rubber, Elastomers and Plastics industry.

Our aim is to provide our customers with the latest innovations of rubber testing equipment, technologies, along with an exclusive service of calibration, regular maintenance and training.

All of our laboratory testing instrument are manufactured and calibrated to recognisable international standards worldwide, equipped with our acquisition software to achieve dependable and reliable results that make our products a perfect choice to achieve quality control and analytical research.

Our Services

Worldwide Agents

Our strong relationships and global connections ensure customer satisfaction worldwide.

Service and Calibration

We can service and calibrate your instruments and equipment on demand, conforming to calibration accreditation.

Technical Support

Our expert team is at your disposal for any technical questions or queries you may have, in a timely fashion.


We can provide guidance and assistance on choosing the right Instrument for your needs.

Parts and Spares

We supply an extensive list of parts for all Prescott Instruments and for most rubber testing equipment.

Service Contracts

Our comprehensive service contracts include: maintenance, servicing, calibration and breakdown cover.

Latest News

Mini Mooneyline Viscometer Lite

Mini Mooneyline Viscometer Lite

The all new Mooneyline Mini Viscometer Lite has been built on the Mooneyline Viscometer range that has been sold worldwide…

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