Month: September 2015

Mini Mooneyline Viscometer Lite

The all new Mooneyline Mini Viscometer Lite has been built on the Mooneyline Viscometer range that has been sold worldwide for many years. Due to the vast advancements in rubber testing, Prescott Instruments have taken the opportunity to expand their Mooneyline range, adding a new and cost effective Mooneyline Mini Viscometer Lite to their instrument […]

Fun Fact #3

In England, Joseph Priestley, best known for his discovery of oxygen, noted that pencil marks could be “rubbed out” by the substance. From this early use, rubber derived its name.

Introducing Prescott Instruments Bale Cutter

Sample preparation of sections of natural and synthetic rubber bales is made simple and safe with Prescott Instrument’s Bale Cutter. Ideal for laboratory applications, this pneumatic system operates via a two-handed operation. This instrument features a roll conveyor to assist you with positioning the bale and a set section size can be achieved when you […]

Fun Fact #2

The first rubber paving to reduce traffic road noise was made in 1870 in London in front of the St Pancras hotel not to disturb the travellers.

High performance testing?

Here at Prescott Instruments we have the equipment you need. Ensure your testing is reliable and consistent with our parts and spares. Our quality range is sure to support you throughout your testing process. Did you know that we can supply you with heaters, rotors, dies, seal plates, and Melinex and Dartek film, for not […]

Fun Fact #1

The automotive area accounts for 65% of rubber production, with parts and components such as windscreen wipers, engine mountings, window seals, fan belts, etc.

Your Top 3 Rubber Industry Facts

1. Natural Rubber comes from a tree called the Hevea Brasiliensis which originally came from Brazil 2. There is a house made out of rubber called a Prefab Home Made from Secondhand Materials in The Netherlands! See More: here. 3. Rubber’s first documented use was by the Olmecs, who boiled the latex which came from […]

We Are the World’s First In Calibrating Torque Standard Static Calibration

Prescott Instruments is the World’s first in calibrating Torque Standard Static Calibration Traceability ISO17025 used as a transfer standard for dynamic calibration, providing traceability to BS7882:2008. We also have ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accreditation for the force verification in both tension and compression. Did you know our very own calibration service supports a range of different instruments […]

Introducing our new website

We are very excited to announce the official release of our new Prescott Instruments website to you. The website has a brand new look that has been designed keeping our customers in mind, ensuring easy navigation and simple access to key information. What’s new? Here are some of our new features: New mobile friendly design […]