Year: 2020

History of Rubber: The Rubber Economy 1870 – 1930

Until the middle of the 19th century, the rubber market was limited by the physical properties of natural rubber. After Charles Goodyear’s invention of vulcanisation in 1839, which modified natural rubber to withstand extreme temperature variation, the market for rubber goods widened significantly. Soon, the production of hoses, industrial bands, sheets, shoes and shoe soles […]

Spotlight: Stress Relaxation Testing On A Mooney Viscometer

The stress relaxation of rubber can be tested using a Mooney Viscometer instrument. The rate of relaxation can be used to deduce important properties of rubber, including elastic and viscous behaviour, and rubber structure characteristics. Test Description A Mooney Viscometer consists of a rotor (cylindrical metal disc) embedded in a rubber sample inside a sealed […]

History of Rubber: Development & Vulcanisation

Despite having been introduced to the Europeans from the 15th century, the practical and industrial applications of natural rubber were not forthcoming for some time. The first scientific paper on rubber was not written until 1751 by the French scientist Charles de la Condamine after he returned from his expedition in Peru. Over time many […]

History of Rubber: Discovery & Early Uses

The earliest archaeological use of natural latex dates back to the Olmec culture (2,500 to 400 BCE), a major Mesoamerican civilisation that occupied the present-day tropical lowlands of Mexico. The indigenous population made balls using the primitive rubber harvested from the latex-producing tree, Castilla elastica, also known as the Panama rubber tree. There is strong […]

Prescott Instruments Coronavirus Update

Prescott Instruments are pleased to inform you that, in line with the latest government guidelines, we have successfully adapted our office and working practices to safely welcome back all of our office staff. In addition, our service engineers are able to visit customer sites to perform instrument service and calibration. As staff safety is our […]

Prescott Instruments Coronavirus Statement

As a responsible company, the health and safety of our staff, our partners and our customers are our highest priority as we face the challenges of the Coronavirus. To minimise the risk of infection as far as possible, Prescott Instruments Ltd. are following all guidelines issued by Public Health England and reviewing our own policies […]