Interface Unit

Interface Unit - Prescott Instruments

Interface Unit - Prescott Instruments

Our Interface Unit, popularly known as a ‘Red Box’, is effectively a analogue-to-digital converter that conditions the instrument signals and converts them into a serial format.

This allows legacy instruments to be interfaced into our Labline LIMS software suite. Thus retrieving laboratory data into a reliable acquisition software package for further analysis and reporting. We currently support a number of configurable instruments for Labline, three of which require our Red Box interface:

  • Monsanto R100(S)
  • Monsanto 1500(S)
  • Negretti Mooney

A single interface box is supplied with either 1 or 2 channels; the 2-channel option allowing any 2 of the above instruments to be connected to a single COM port on a workstation.

Interface boxes are created specifically for the instruments that will be connected and cannot be used with different instrument configurations.

The individual instruments have a custom bespoke connection to the interface unit, which is connects to a workstation using RS232 serial. All cables are supplied with the interface unit.

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