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How well do you know rubber?

Without a doubt, rubber is a fundamental part of our lives, whether it is on the soles of our shoes or on the wheels of our cars. But how much do you really know about it? To get things started, there are two main forms of rubber which are natural and synthetic. But where do […]

Introduction to Rheology

What is Rheology? Rheology is simply the study of flow which is measured using a Rheometer. What is a Rheometer? A Rheometer is a laboratory device used for rubber testing. What is a Rheometer used for? A Rheometer is used to measure the way in which a liquid, suspension or slurry flows in response to […]

Rubber Money

It has been officially confirmed that polymer banknotes are to enter our lives from 2016. The first polymer note to be produced is on a £5 note featuring Sir Winston Churchill, followed by a £10 version approximately a year later which is planned to display Jane Austen. The Bank of England’s Executive Director for Banking […]

Your Top 3 Rubber Industry Facts

1. Natural Rubber comes from a tree called the Hevea Brasiliensis which originally came from Brazil 2. There is a house made out of rubber called a Prefab Home Made from Secondhand Materials in The Netherlands! See More: here. 3. Rubber’s first documented use was by the Olmecs, who boiled the latex which came from […]