Category: Fun Fact Friday

Fun Fact #8

Back in the day rubber tires were white because the natural colour of rubber is white. However, in the early 1900s, it was found that the use of carbon black in rubber manufacturing provided more desirable qualities for tire rubber.

Fun Fact #7

The first rubber factory in the world was established near Paris in 1803, the first in England by Thomas Hancock in 1820.

Fun Fact #3

In England, Joseph Priestley, best known for his discovery of oxygen, noted that pencil marks could be “rubbed out” by the substance. From this early use, rubber derived its name.

Fun Fact #2

The first rubber paving to reduce traffic road noise was made in 1870 in London in front of the St Pancras hotel not to disturb the travellers.

Fun Fact #1

The automotive area accounts for 65% of rubber production, with parts and components such as windscreen wipers, engine mountings, window seals, fan belts, etc.