Multi-Function Rheometer

Multi-Function Rheometer

Product Description

Modes of operation
This instrument comes with a set of pre-programmed tests and allows full flexibility giving the user complete control of the test stages. Tests can be in the form any of its modes of operation or a combination.

  • Frequency Sweep
  • Strain Sweep
  • Temperature Sweep (with forced cooling)
  • Standard MDR Mode
  • Pre-set test Specifications
  • Conditioning
  • Combination (Linked) Tests

ISO 6502 / ISO 13145
ASTM D5289 / ASTM D6048 / ASTM D6204
ASTM D6601 / ASTM 7605
DIN 53529

Forced Cooling

Pressure Module

Temperature Range
Ambient to 250 °C
± 0.03 °C

Oscillation Frequency
0.001 Hz to 50 Hz

Oscillation Amplitude
± 0.001 ° to 360 °

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