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All design, manufacturing, production, software development and technical support are performed in-house by the UK team. By centralising operations to the Gloucestershire site, the highest standards are maintained to ensure the delivery of premium quality products. This complete oversight and attention to detail underpins the company mission to be “more than a manufacturer”. 

Expanding Goals

As the rubber, plastics and elastomers industries are truly global, it has been a central tenet of the company to foster strong business relationships around the world. With a key team of agents in over 25 countries, Prescott Instruments has rapidly expanded into global markets. With 20 years of experience in the United States and India, and 15 years in both China and Russia, Prescott Instruments has successfully cultivated an international market presence with proven customer loyalty.  

company history

Established in 1994, Prescott Instruments Ltd. has spent over 25 years specialising in the manufacture of laboratory instruments for elastomeric compounds. Founded by managing director Philip Prescott, Prescott Instruments remains a privately held family company based in Gloucestershire, UK.

Beginning with instrument service and calibration, Prescott Instruments soon developed in-house electronics and Labline software as part of its instrument upgrade programme. Within three years production had begun on the first Rheoline Moving Die Rheometer and Mooneyline Mooney Viscometer. Throughout the 1990s the product line was continually improved and expanded to include automation and the innovative Minitester range, which was later produced for third parties. 

The 2000s saw the move into advanced rheometry with the launch of the MultiFunction Rheometer. In 2008 Prescott Instruments patented a bearing-free flexible drive system ensuring long and reliable testing for which the company won a prestigious design award. 

From 2010 onwards there was a particular focus on software and electronics, with the expansion of the Labline to incorporate advanced reporting and LIMS management systems via FlexiReports and Universal Instruments. To complement this, a bespoke high-specification electronics board has recently been designed that will soon feature within new instruments and as an upgrade package for legacy models. Prescott Instruments is now moving forward into dynamic testing with the development of all-electric Dynamic Mechanical Analysers. 


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