Rheoline VSC

Our Rheoline Volumetric Sample Cutter can be relied upon to provide consistent samples of volume and size to be inserted into the die cavity.

To obtain the best performance from your curemeter, dependable samples of exact volume and shape are strongly recommended, ensuring die cavity is filled with only the correct amount flowing into the spill cavity.

Too little material can cause slippage affecting any test result.
Too much material inserted may cause the platens not seal correctly resulting in imprecise measurement.

This ergonomic designed pneumatic system enables precise user defined volume of uncured rubber and polymer material. The conveniently positioned and comfortable buttons are designed to work simultaneously to provide a safe working environment.

Our constant Rheoline VSC operates in two distinct ways:

  • The material is first compressed to a predetermined thickness.
  • The cutting action takes place, ensuring an exact and constant sample volume.

Standards: In accordance with BS EN242: Part 2, EN ISO 13851
Sample Volume (adjustable): 1 cm³ to 8 cm³ (normally 4.5 cm³)
Nominal Sample Diameter: 34 mm
Nominal Sample Thickness @ 4.5 cm³: 5.0 mm
Repeatability: 0.25 %
Delay between Squeeze and Cut (adjustable): 1 sec to 10 sec
Pneumatics: Filtered Air, Min: 0.5 MPa | 72 psi | 5 Bar | 5.09 kg/cm²
Weight: 38 kg
Dimensions: 300 mm x 300 mm x 800 mm (W x D x H)

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