Mooneyline Mini MV

Our Mini Mooneyline Viscometer Lite is a sleek and compact version of our Mooneyline Viscometer, supplied with everything you need to perform reliable and efficient elastomeric compound testing.

This entry level instrument features the same rotor and die assembly as our Mooneyline Viscometer, complete with a compact design that reduces instrument footprint. Thus making this ideal for the small to medium rubber testing laboratories.

The rotor rotates at a constant speed to two revolutions per minute and the torque is effectively measured and recorded.

In addition, the Mini Mooney meets the requirements of ASTM D1646 and can perform the following industry standard tests; ML (1+X) viscosity tests, Scorch testing and Delta Mooney.

ISO No. 289 / ASTM D1646

Test Capabilities
Mooney Torque or Mooney Scorch

As our commitment to you, our Mini Viscometer is complete with everything you need to perform accurate and efficient elastomeric compound testing.

The provided PC comes pre-installed and calibrated with our data acquisition and analysis Labline Lite software.

  • Microsoft Windows ® OS PC (Monitor, keyboard and mouse)
  • Labline Lite Software
  • All peripheral cables and connectors
  • Essentials spares package
  • Free technical support (one year)

The mini Mooneyline Viscometer is supplied with the latest computer hardware, pre-installed with our advanced data acquisition and analysis Labline Lite software for Microsoft Windows ® OS.

The Lite version permits a maximum of six test points for a given test specification and  is complete with a calibration module.

More Information

Key Features

  • Automatic Pass/Fail Result
  • Laboratory Statistics
  • Multilingual
  • Simple Instrument & Test Configuration
  • Pre-loaded Test Specifications
  • Produce Trend charts
  • Easy Result Recalculation
  • Report Printing Capabilities
  • Supports ODBC Database Connections:
    – Microsoft Access ®
    – Microsoft SQL Server ®
    – IBM DB2 ®

Data Calculations

Test Points
Labline Lite comes with an extensive range of viscometer-based test points:

Minimum (ML)TX
Maximum (MH)TY
Time GateDelta Mooney A
Cure IndexDelta Mooney B
Slope (a)Correlation (r)
Intercept (k)


  • Mooney Torque
  • Temperature (Upper)
  • Temperature (Lower)

Units of measurement

  • Time: secs, min:sec, min.dec
  • Temperature: °C, °F
  • Mooney Torque: MU
Standards: ISO No. 289 / ASTM D1646
Die Configuration: Standard
Rotor: Large or Small
Rotation Speed: 2 RPM (0.21 Radians/Sec)
Calibration: Integral
Temperature Range: Ambient to 225 °C
Temperature Control: 3 Term PID – Control Accuracy ± 0.03 °C
Pneumatics: Filtered Air, Min: 0.41 MPa | 60 psi | 4.14 Bar | 4.2 kg/cm
Electrical: Single Phase 220/240 V 50 Hz | 110 V 60 Hz | 350 VA
Weight: 65 kg
Dimensions: 300 mm x 300 mm x 870 mm (W x D x H)

Mooneyline VSC

It is strongly recommended that samples are prepared with an automatic Volumetric Sample Cutter.

Our Mooneyline VSC provides reliable and consistent sample preparation of shape, size and volume. An additional benefit of this type of cutter is during the cutting process a hole is punched in the middle, ready to accept the rotor.

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