Intelligent Board Upgrades

Upgrade your electronics and software yourself in as little as one hour.

An innovative repair and upgrade option for Alpha 2000 series instruments.

Intelligent Board upgrades by Prescott Instruments are a unique and cost-effective way to modernise older rheology equipment without the hassle of instrument downtime. The Intelligent Board systems, designed exclusively by Prescott Instruments, can significantly increase instrument lifetime by seamlessly integrating 21st century electronics with 20th century instrumentation.

As the nerve centre of your machine, the machine control board is responsible for all functionality, communication, and data transfer. The Intelligent Board system by Prescott Instruments is a direct replacement of the machine control board of legacy Alpha machines coupled with the latest Labline software package. This specialist combination both extends the lifetime and widens the functionality of older machines to keep pace with newer instruments.


With upgrades completed on-site in as little as one hour, there is no need to send your instruments away for lengthy and costly repairs. Instead, the Intelligent Board system can simply be installed into the existing connectors of your machine. A straightforward replacement, the process can be undertaken by customers themselves, eliminating the need for a visit by a Prescott Instruments engineer.

The existing software and data management systems are simultaneously upgraded to the latest version of Prescott Instruments Labline software suite, providing seamless operational continuity. With no additional parts necessary and a straightforward self-installation process, the disruption of instrument downtime is considerably minimised.

The Intelligent Board upgrade offers users of older instruments the opportunity to future-proof their machinery without compromising on the commercial operations of today. By going to the heart of what keeps your instruments running, the Intelligent Board offers a powerful performance upgrade with the convenience of a true plug-and-play solution.

Key Features

  • An advanced control board designed exclusively by Prescott Instruments for the precise demands of rubber testing instruments
  • Modernise and protect the longevity of your instruments without the need for lengthy and costly refurbishment
  • Suitable for (Monsanto) Alpha 2000 series models: MDR 2000, MV 2000 and soon to include ODR 2000
  • Keep your machines on-site; the self-installation process is quick and simple and can be completed in as little as 1 hour
  • Upgrade your existing software and data management systems to Labline for the latest software functionality
  • Minimal disruption and instrument downtime enables your regular operations to resume as quickly as possible
  • An innovative alternative to traditional repair and refurbishment options

Benefits Include

Improved speed & performance
Long-term reliability
Fast 1hr turnaround
One-step solution
Upgraded Labline Software
On-site installation


Intelligent Board upgrades are available for the following legacy models:

(Monsanto) Alpha MDR 2000

(Monsanto) Alpha MV 2000

(Monsanto) Alpha ODR 2000*

*Coming soon

Case Study

With a non-functioning machine control board, a well-known Asian manufacturing company was faced with the problem of an out of service MDR 2000 rheometer. Over time, machine boards can gradually deteriorate or cease to function altogether. Aside from the machine board, the instrument was in good working order with a full service and calibration history.

The company contacted the original instrument manufacturer and were offered a high-cost machine board replacement, or a completely new instrument. Another option was to send the machine away for a full refurbishment that extended much further than a machine board replacement.

With an out of service rheometer already impacting on day-to-day operations, the customer was keen to keep their instrument on-site to minimise any further delays, including transit and time to repair at external premises. In addition, given the good condition of the machine, a full refurbishment or new machine was deemed unnecessary and too costly.

Prescott Instruments provided an additional option to the company: the Intelligent Board system, which offered both a direct machine board replacement and a comprehensive software upgrade. As a cost-effective and time-sensitive solution, the Intelligent Board was installed on-site within one hour. The replacement was as simple as exchanging the new board into the existing connectors and was easily undertaken by the customer’s own personnel. With the MDR 2000 successfully running once again, operations could resume immediately.

With the Intelligent Board system, the customer was confident that the upgraded electronics and software would enable the MDR 2000 to continue to be in service for many years to come. A unique solution from Prescott Instruments, the Intelligent Board system allowed the customer to sidestep the shortcomings of alternative repair options without compromising on time, quality or budget.