Labline is the flagship software suite from Prescott Instruments. Written, developed, and supported by the in-house team of talented software engineers for nearly 20 years, Labline is a sophisticated and mature product that enables rubber testing professionals to run, view and report crucial information in an intuitive manner.

Designed specifically to suit the needs of modern testing laboratories, Labline is supplied with every instrument as standard. It features advanced elastomeric testing features, including test points and gates, user management and reporting options. In addition, FlexiReports is a versatile report designer that can be user to create customisable reports and charts without limitation.

Furthermore, Labline is fully networkable, allowing multiple instruments to be integrated into a flexible LIMS system that can be customised to meet your operational needs. It is also possible to integrate test data from independent 3rd party instruments, including manual entry, using the Universal Instruments package.

Prescott Instruments Labline Preview Monitor


Labline acquisition and analysis software is a mature, reliable and convenient software package for laboratory elastomeric testing equipment.

Prescott Instruments Flexi Reports Preview Monitor


FlexiReports is a comprehensive software package that offers the facility to generate personalised and professional reports for Labline test data in a couple of easy steps.

Prescott Instruments Universal Instruments Preview Monitor

Universal Instruments

Universal Instruments is an innovative software product that enables manual and semi-automatic data entry from independent instruments into a Labline configured database.

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