Rheoline ODR

The Oscillating Disc styled rheometer enjoyed renowned popularity in the early 60s and 70s. It is one of the most valued curemeters in the rubber industry to date, and still in continuous use. We understand that laboratories are reluctant to convert to the tried and proven specifications of a Moving Die Rheometer scenario, but need to gain the latest measurement technology.

Prescott Instruments have fashioned a perfect synergy of traditional principles and the latest modern technologies to build our Oscillating Disc Rheometer, more generally known as an ODR. Our design aims to revolutionise a classic and provide a seamless transition, when upgrading laboratory equipment.

The Prescott Rheoline ODR is equipped with high precision micro production die and rotor assembly. Using a microprocessor based PID control system; the temperatures of the dies are accurately maintained through the testing process. The test material sample is placed on the rotor and is secured in placed by pressure controlled platens.

The instrument is easy to maintain, and designed for ease of access. The oscillation amplitude can be mechanically adjusted with the options of 1.0 °, 3.0 ° and 5.0 °.


In addition, a programmable temperature zones module are is available as an optional extra. Contact us for more details.


Real-Time Display

  • Standard torque curve
  • Viscous curve
  • Tan. Delta
  • Cure Rate
  • Programmable data points & limits
  • Pass/Fail limits

ISO 3417 / ASTM D2084

Temperature Range
Ambient to 250 °C
± 0.03 °C

Oscillation Angle
1.0 °, 3.0 ° and 5.0 °

Oscillation Frequency
1.67 Hz

As our commitment to you, our Oscillating Disc Rheometer is complete with everything you need to perform accurate and efficient elastomeric compound testing.

The provided PC comes pre-installed and calibrated with our most advanced data acquisition and analysis Labline software.

  • Microsoft Windows ® OS PC (Monitor, keyboard and mouse)
  • Labline Software
  • All peripheral cables and connectors
  • Essentials spares package
  • Free technical support (one year)

The Oscillating Disc Rheometer is supplied with the latest computer hardware, pre-installed with our most innovative data acquisition and analysis Labline software for Microsoft Windows ® OS.

This version of software grants an unlimited amount of test specifications with any number of test points. The software is complete with a calibration module.

More Information

Key Features

  • Automatic Pass/Fail Result
  • Laboratory Statistics
  • Multilingual
  • Simple Instrument & Test Configuration
  • Pre-loaded Test Specifications
  • Produce Trend charts
  • Easy Result Recalculation
  • Report Printing Capabilities
  • Supports ODBC Database Connections:
    – Microsoft Access ®
    – Microsoft SQL Server ®
    – IBM DB2 ®

Data Calculations

Test Points
Labline comes with an extensive range of test points:

Minimum (ML)Maximum (MH)
Scorch (TS)Cure Percentage
Minimum (True)Maximum (True)
Time GateCure Gate
ReversionCure Rate
Cure Rate TimeCure Rate Value
Delta CureDelta Cure Time
Max. Percentage


  • Elastic torque
  • Viscous torque
  • Tangent delta
  • Cure Rate
  • Temperature (Upper)
  • Temperature (Lower)
  • Pressure in Cavity (Optional)

Units of measurement

  • Time: secs, min:sec, min.dec
  • Temperature: °C, °F
  • Torque: dNm, Inlbs, kgcm
  • Pressure: kPa, Lbs/In2, Kg/cm2 (Optional)
  • Cure Rate: InLbs/s, dNm/min, InLbs/min, dNm/s
  • Angle: °, rad
Standards: ISO 3417 / ASTM D2084
Die Configuration: Micro Production Die & Rotor, as specification (adjustable).
Oscillation Frequency: 1.67 Hz
Oscillation Amplitude: 1.0 °, 3.0 ° and 5.0 ° (One supplied as standard)
Temperature Range: Ambient to 250 °C
Temperature Control: 3 Term PID – Control Accuracy ± 0.03 °C
Electrical: Single Phase 220/240 V 50 Hz | 110 V 60 Hz | 350 VA
Pneumatics: Filtered Air, Min: 0.41 MPa | 60 psi | 4.14 Bar | 4.2 kg/cm
Weight: 200 kg
Dimensions: 575 mm x 570 mm x 1280 mm (W x D x H)

It is strongly recommended that samples are prepared with an automatic Volumetric Sample Cutter.

Our Rheoline VSC can be relied upon to provide consistent samples of volume and size to be inserted into the die cavity.

Rheoline VSC

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