Advanced Rheometry

The Rheoline Multi-Function Rheometer is an advanced rotational rheometer designed to fully profile the material characteristics of rubber before, during and after vulcanisation. With variable strain, frequency and temperature, the Prescott Instruments Rheoline MFR can fulfil the tasks of both a Moving Die Rheometer (MDR) and a Dynamic Shear Rheometer (DSR). Together, this extensive functionality allows polymer specialists to delve deeper into the more nuanced material properties of rubber.   

The Rheoline Multi-Function Rheometer is a stand-alone desktop instrument that is supplied with Labline, the flagship LIMS software suite from Prescott Instruments. An alternative model, the Rheoline Multi-Function Rheometer Lite, is also available. Automation modules are compatible with the Rheoline Multi-Function Rheometer, which permit the hands-free testing of up to 16 samples. See the Automation page for more details.

Modes of Operation

  • Frequency sweep
  • Temperature sweep
  • Strain sweep
  • Standard MDR mode
  • Conditioning
  • Combination (linked) tests
  • Compatible with automation modules


ISO 6502 / ISO 13145

ASTM D5289 / ASTM D6048 / ASTM D6204

ASTM D6601 / ASTM 7605

DIN 53529

Temperature Range

Ambient to 250 °C

± 0.03 °C

Oscillation Frequency

0.001 Hz to 50 Hz

Oscillation Amplitude

± 0.001 ° to 360 °

Rheoline Multi-Function Rheometer

Our most innovative dynamic testing rheometer is designed to deliver reliable results to the most precise accuracies with an extensive range of test stages or operations. The Rheoline MFR can fulfil the tasks of both a Moving Die Rheometer and a Dynamic Shear Rheometer.

Providing vital analytical and statistical data of elastomeric properties, using our Labline software, this instrument comes complete with an Air-Cooling System as standard to assist the operation of a Temperature Sweep. The Rheoline MFR is the ultimate choice for any polymer specialist.

Rheoline Multi-Function Rheometer Lite

Utilising a new generation In-line Servo Motor coupled with digital servo drive technology, the Rheoline Multi-Function Rheometer (MFR) Lite is complete with our Labline software to ensure the highest standards precision of analytical and statistical data of elastomeric properties.

With optional forced-cooling and pressure module upgrades, the Rheoline MFR Lite can still support an unlimited number of unique test specifications at once, making it a suitable choice for any smaller rubber laboratory. 

Rheoline MFRRheoline MFR Lite
Test SpecificationsUnlimitedUnlimited
Forced CoolingIncludedOptional Upgrade
Pressure ModuleIncludedOptional Upgrade

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