The Plastimeter determines the plasticity of natural rubber. The sample is circle in shape, with a thickness of 3.2-3.6mm and a diameter of 13mm It is placed between the upper and lower testing plates (The Dies) whose temperatures are 100 degrees Celsius.

The size of the testing plates are standardised. When testing begins, the lower plate moves up to compress the sample of rubber to the thickness of 1mm and heats it up for 15 seconds.

Next, the upper plate presses the sample with a force of 100N for 15 seconds. The remaining thickness of the sample is used to determine Plasticity Retention Index (PRI). PRI is the ratio of plasticity of the sample after 30 minutes of heating with a temperature of 140 degrees Celsius to the plasticity of the sample prior to heating.


  • Plastimeter measures the Plastocity or Viscosity of unvulcanised rubbers.
  • The method of test is simple, clean and quick.
  • The instrument is used to determine the (PRI) Plasticity Retention Index of raw, natural rubber.

As our commitment to you, our Plastimeter is complete with everything you need to perform static, accurate and efficient elastomeric compound testing.

The provided PC comes pre-installed and calibrated with our bespoke data acquisition and analysis software.

  • Microsoft Windows ® OS PC (Monitor, keyboard and mouse)
  • Universal Instruments Software
  • All peripheral cables and connectors
  • Essentials spares package

ThePlastimeter is supplied with the latest computer hardware, pre-installed with our most innovative data acquisition and analysis ‘Universal Instruments’ software for Microsoft Windows ® OS.

This version of software grants three methods of data entry and supports bespoke instrument registrations of all manual laboratory equipment and non-Labline configured instruments.

Key Features

  • Automatic Pass/Fail Result
  • Laboratory Statistics
  • Multilingual
  • Simple Instrument & Test Configuration
  • Pre-loaded Test Specifications
  • Produce Trend charts
  • Easy Result Recalculation
  • Report Printing Capabilities
  • Supports ODBC Database Connections:
    – Microsoft Access ®
    – Microsoft SQL Server ®
    – IBM DB2 ®

Data Calculations

Test Methods

  • Standard Cure (MDR mode, non isothermal)
  • Strain (Sweep LAOS)
  • Payne test
  • Stress Relaxation
  • Frequency Sweep
  • Conditioning
  • Linked tests any combination of test method and any duration

All Test Methods have an unlimited selection of data points on all channel curves.

Test Points
Labline comes with an extensive range of test points:

Minimum (ML)Maximum (MH)
Scorch (TS)Cure Percentage
Minimum (True)Maximum (True)
Time GateCure Gate
ReversionCure Rate
Cure Rate TimeCure Rate Value
Delta CureDelta Cure Time
Max. Percentage
Frequency GateFrequency Gate (Rev)
Strain GateStrain Gate (Rev)
Temperature GateTemperature Gate (Rev)


  • Elastic Torque
  • Viscous Torque
  • Tangent Delta
  • Cure Rate
  • Temperature (Upper)
  • Temperature (Lower)
  • Pressure in Cavity (Supplied as std.)
  • Complex Torque
  • Loss Angle
  • Storage Modulus
  • Loss Modulus
  • Complex Modulus
  • Storage Compliance
  • Loss Compliance
  • Complex Compliance
  • Real Dynamic Visc.
  • Imag. Dynamic Visc.
  • Dynamic Complex Visc.

Units of measurement

  • Time: secs, min:sec, min.dec
  • Temperature: °C, °F
  • Torque: dNm, Inlbs, kgcm
  • Pressure: kPa, Lbs/In2, Kg/cm2
  • Cure Rate: InLbs/s, dNm/min, InLbs/min, dNm/s
  • Angle: °, rad
  • Frequency: Hz, CPM, rad/s
  • Strain: %, rad arc
  • Modulus: kPa
  • Compliance: /MPa
  • Dynamic Viscosity: kPa.sec

Conforms to:

  • ISO 2007
  • ASM D3194-99
  • BS903:P A59
Compressive force: 100 ± 1N
Test Time: 15 ± 0.2 Second
Pre-Heat Time: 15 ± 1 Second
Temperature of Test: 100 ± 1°C
Temperature Resolution: 0.1°C
Fixed Thickness: 1.00 ± 0.01mm
Measuring Resolution: 0.1, 0.5 unit
LCD Indicator: LCD 16 x 2
Distance Upper and Lower Die: 25-30mm
Dimensions W x D x H: 293 x 407 x 540mm
Platen sizes (Ø): 7.3. 10.0 and 14.0mm
Electric Power Source: AC 220V ± 10, 50/60 Hz Main Unit 300W
Calibration : Full Automatic Calibration
Usage Temperature and Humidity: Temp- 15-60°C Humidity- 35-55% RH
Drive System: In line servo-motor and Aerotech digital controller

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