Prescott Instruments offers a diverse range of essential accessories and optional extras to accommodate the needs of our customers including Sample Preparation, Automation and Programmable Modules.

Sample Preparation

Mooneyline VSC - Prescott Instruments

Rheoline VSC - Prescott Instruments

Bale Cutter - Prescott Instruments

Volumetric Sample Cutter

Volumetric Sample Cutter

Bale Cutter

This viscometer designed sample cutter delivers consistent sample preparation of shape, size and volume. During the cutting process a hole is punched in the middle, ready to accept the rotor.

This ergonomic design enables precise user defined volume of uncured rubber and polymer material. Designed for Rheometery, to provide consistent samples of volume and size to be inserted into the die cavity.

This pneumatic-powered bale cuter is ideal for laboratory applications that require the cutting of both natural and synthetic rubbers into manageable sections, ready for sample preparation.


Automated belt systems designed to convey rubber samples into a test chamber.

Interface Unit

Parts and Spares

Interface Unit - Prescott Instruments


This analogue-to-digital converter enables legacy instruments to be interfaced into our Labline software.

A range of quality replacement items, spares and tools for all aspects of rubber testing operations and maintenance are available.

Optional Modules

Temperatures Zones
Enables programmable temperature zones. Supported with:

Forced Cooling
An Air Cooling System to assist the operation of a Temperature Sweep. Supported with:

Pressure Module
This enables an additional pressure channel reading for Labline, when equipped with a pressure transducer. Supported with:

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FlexiReports Software

Labline Software

Universal Instruments Software



Universal Instruments

This comprehensive software package offers the facility to generate, personalised and professional reports for Labline test data in a couple of easy steps.

Labline acquisition and analysis software is a mature, reliable and convenient software package for laboratory elastomeric testing equipment.

This innovative software enables the manual and semi-automatic data entry from independent instruments into to a Labline configured database.

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