Rheoline Auto-Load

The Rheoline Auto-Load is our most innovative automated design, aimed to accommodate the needs of the modern laboratories at all stages of the rubber production process, by means of switching the curemeter of choice into a full automatic mode: – utilising and permitting laboratory personnel time to perform other tasks whilst testing takes place.

Similar to the Auto-Test we use our patented belt design. The difference between the two is that the Auto-Load is fully automated for 16 samples at a time and does not require as much supervision as does the Auto-Test; this boosts productivity rates even more.

The Auto-Load comes complete with three sample trays; each tray contains 16 sample slots. Samples are placed on the tray slots, one tray at a time is inserted into the loader, and the samples are then transferred automatically to the die cavity by way of a fabric belt. During the test the rubber is not completely covered but it is allowed to flow to the surface of the dies thus ensuring a positive test result with no slippage.

When the test is complete, the sample is removed from the die cavity with the fabric belt and the next sample loaded into the die cavity.

The compatible instruments for the Auto-Load are coupled with a version of Labline acquisition software, where the samples tested can be given pass/fail criteria. This reliable software makes the Auto-Load extremely easy to use with the ability to configure set sample priorities and test ordering.

The Advantages of the Auto-Test:

  • Up to 16 samples per a tray, queued ready for testing
  • Laboratory personnel free to perform other tasks
  • Automatic Pass/Fail of test results

Compatible Auto-Test Instruments:

  • Rheoline Multi-Function Rheometer
  • Rheoline Moving Die Rheometer

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