Moving Die Rheometer

The Rheoline Moving Die Rheometer (MDR), or rotorless curemeter, is the rheometer most closely associated with the rubber industry. Instead of a rotor, a top and bottom die form a sealed biconical cavity that contains the rubber sample. The lower die oscillates through a small angle while the sample is held at an elevated temperature. The two dies allow the MDR to separate the elastic and viscous components of the rubber compound and plot them as two individual curves.

The MDR has grown significantly in popularity to become the industry-standard rubber testing instrument. It is possible to accurately determine the dynamic properties of a rubber compound before, during and after the curing process. Due to the sealed and pressurised cavity, the Moving Die Rheometer can measure these properties with excellent repeatability and shorter temperature recovery times.

The Rheoline Moving Die Rheometer is a stand-alone desktop instrument that is supplied with Labline, the flagship LIMS software suite from Prescott Instruments. An alternative model, the Rheoline Mini Moving Die Rheometer (MDR), is also available. Automation modules are compatible with both the Rheoline MDR and Rheoline Mini MDR, which permit the hands-free testing of up to 16 samples. See the Automation page for more details. 


ISO 6502

ASTM D5289

Temperature Range

Ambient to 250 °C

± 0.03 °C

Oscillation Frequency

1.67 Hz

Oscillation Amplitude

± 0.5 °, 1.0 °, 3.0 °

Optional Upgrades

  • Programmable Temperature Zones
  • Additional Oscillation Eccentric*
  • Pressure Transducer
  • Automation Module (4/16 Samples)
  • Rheoline Volumetric Sample Cutter

*Not available with Mini MDR model

Explore The Rheoline MDR Range

Moving Die Rheometer
Moving Die Rheometer (MDR)
The Rheoline MDR from Prescott Instruments is a full-sized benchtop instrument suitable for busy production environments and larger laboratories. Designed to maximise test efficiency, accuracy and reliability, the Rheoline MDR performs a complete analysis of the vulcanisation process. The accompanying Labline LIMS software is a powerful data acquisition and analysis software designed exclusively by Prescott Instruments to deliver the needs of a modern rubber testing laboratory.
Prescott Instruments Rheoline Mini Moving Die Rheometer MDR
Mini Moving Die Rheometer (MDR)
The Rheoline Mini MDR is a compact version of the full-sized MDR that delivers the same great performance with a reduced footprint. Using the same sample size with an identical biconical die assembly, the Mini MDR results are directly comparable with those of the larger model. The Mini MDR benefits smaller laboratories that prioritise space, as well as production environments with lower-throughput capacity. Supplied with the Labline LIMS software, the Mini MDR can compute a full suite of material characteristics to the highest precision.

Key Advantages:

  • High-stiffness frame for consistent, stable results even when testing the hardest materials
  • Dies made from the highest-grade steel and machined to the highest engineering standards
  • Advanced digital motor technology for long-term reliability
  • Excellent feedback control for superior positional accuracy
  • Custom 16-bit PID algorithm delivers exceptional temperature control within ±0.3°C
  • State-of-art bespoke electronics designed to achieve the highest data sampling rates
  • Flexible Labline LIMS software designed in-house with full networking options
  • ISO 17025 accredited calibration for the most accurate results
Rheoline MDRRheoline Mini MDR
Test SpecificationsUnlimitedUnlimited
Capacity24/7 OperationLight Use
Programmable Temperature ZonesOptional UpgradeOptional Upgrade
Additional Oscillation EccentricOptional UpgradeNot Available
Pressure TransducerOptional UpgradeOptional Upgrade
Automation Module (4/16 Samples)Optional UpgradeOptional Upgrade
It is strongly recommended that samples are prepared with an automatic Volumetric Sample Cutter.

Perfectly designed for use with the Rheoline Multi-Function Rheometer, the Rheoline Volumetric Sample Cutter (VSC) can be relied upon to provide samples of consistent volume and size. 

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