Service and Calibration

With regular maintenance, service and calibration, you can ensure your instruments run smoother for longer, and achieve the most reliable and accurate results.

Prescott Instruments can service and calibrate a range of laboratory equipment in line with our ISO 17025:2017 accreditation. Not limited to only Prescott Instruments products, the highly skilled service engineers at Prescott Instruments are also able to service and calibrate most rubber testing equipment, alongside general material testing instruments. 

Comprehensive Support

We can service and calibrate your instruments and equipment on demand. Support, service and calibration are available for:

  • Prescott Instruments: All instruments and products
  • Alpha and Monsanto: Rheometers, Mooney Viscometers, Tensile Testers and associated equipment
  • Negretti: Mooney Viscometer
  • Wallace: Hardness, temperature and density
  • Other: Tensile Tester and load cell calibration

Calibration Services

The calibration of force testing equipment can be performed in accordance with our A2LA accreditation both in-house and at customer sites. 

All of our calibration procedures conform to our ISO9001:2015 certification and all calibrations are traceable to national standards. We are also the world’s first company to statically calibrate torque standards, whereby ISO 17025:2017 is used as a transfer system for dynamic calibration, providing traceability to BS7882:2008.

We also possess ISO/IEC 17025:2017 and ANS/NCSL Z540-1-1994 accreditations for both tensile and compressive forces.

View our accreditation certificate here

The range of tensile testing equipment varies greatly from industry to industry, but Prescott Instruments can cater for all types of equipment in the rubber, plastics and elastomers industry within the following ranges:

  • Tension from 1N to 200kN
  • Compression from 1N to 200kN

Individual load cells can also be calibrated along with special purpose test rigs and load system in tension and compression. We can also offer verification of many types of extensometer, including mechanical, laser and optical systems.

Including leading manufacturers such as:

  • Instron
  • Hounsfield
  • Lloyd
  • Alpha Technologies
  • Denison
  • Avery
  • Testometric

Scope of Accreditation

Linear Encoder and Indicator, Heidenhain ND287Up to 15mm; (15 to 240) mm; (15 to 300) mmClass A, B, C, D
Dynamic Torque(1 to 80) dN.mMoving Die Rheometer (MDR)/Oscillating Disc Rheometer (ODR) testing equipment, temperature meter and torque standard
Force and Materials:
Testing Machines200 N to 2.5 kNClass 0.5, 1, 2 and 3 machines to BS ISO 7500-1
Tension and Compression2000 N to 25 kN; 200 N to 200 kN; (1 to 500) N
DisplacementUp to 50 mm
Torque(1 to 80) dN.mCalibrations performed in a static mode
Angle(0 to 180) °Calibrations performed in a static mode
Direct Verification of Durometers/Hardness Meters:
Indentor Extension and Shape:
Diameter(0 to 25) mmOptical inspection under magnification or video comparator
Radius(0 to 25) mm
Angle(0 to 90)°
Extension(0 to 25) mm
Indentor Display(0 to 100) DuroGage blocks
Spring Calibration - Force:
Type Shore A, B, C, D, DO, E, M, O, OOO(0 to 100) DuroASTM D2240
Type IRHDN (30 to 100) Duro; L (9.9 to 34.9) Duro; M (30 to 100) DuroISO-48-9
Mooney Viscometers(0 to 100) MooneyASTM D1646
Temperature(25 to 300) °CComparison with PRT/indicator


In the unlikely event that you experience an instrument breakdown, Prescott Instruments are here to help you get back on track. Our breakdown service applies to all of the above instruments and can be included in any service contract or as a one off breakdown visit. We aim to respond to your breakdown call within 48 hours if the problem cannot be solved over the telephone (UK Only).


A comprehensive stock of parts for most rubber testing equipment is available, with most parts being available for next day delivery. Visit our dedicated online shop Rheometer Spares to place your order. 

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