Laboratory Bale Cutter

The Prescott Instruments bale cutter is ideal for laboratory applications that require the cutting of both natural and synthetic rubbers into manageable sections, ready for sample preparation.

This pneumatic-powered cutter is equipped with roll conveyor to assist with positioning the bale. A set section size can be achieved when aligning the bale into the cutting zone. The design has a removable back panel, to allow ease of access for larger bales.

This easy-to-use system requires a two-handed, simultaneous operation of the conveniently positioned buttons ensuring a safe working environment during the cutting operation. Other safety aspects of this design are:

  • Cutting guard – This will be lowered first, before the cutting blade. If obstructed the cutting blade will not be lowered.
  • Emergency release button – Once pressed, the blade and guards are raised.
  • A fully-enclosed design with a transparent safety guard and back panel.

Once the guard is down the buttons can be released, when the cutter has completed its stroke and the rubber is cut the guard can be raised by pressing the release button.


In accordance with: BS EN242 Part 2, D7050, EN ISO 13851

Roller Dimensions: 330 mm X 600 mm (W x L)
Cutting Rubber Width: 330 mm
Cutting Rubber Height: 140 mm
Stroke of Cutter: 150 mm
Total Pressure of Cylinder: 1.6 tons (air in 0.5 MPa) 2 tons (air in 0.7 MPa)
Pneumatics: 0.5 MPa to 0.7 MPa
Weight: 80 kg
Dimensions: 500 mm x 700 mm x 934 mm (W x D x H)
1.6 ton0.57255.09
2 ton0.710277.14

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