Visual Designer

Report Viewer

The Visual Designer caters for a number of drag-and-drop tools and report elements to be inserted into the report design, these include: Tables, Charts, Text and Parameters.

The Report Viewer is the acquisition element with advanced data filtering option, used to load specific Labline laboratory data into the report designs.

FlexiReports software for Labline complements the Prescott Instruments’ software range to give our clients ultimate flexibility to generate personalised and professional reports, in just a few easy steps.

This sophisticated reporting system offers an attractive alternative to our standard Labline reports system (fixed template design), eliminating this constraint, to provide users with full control over Layout, Content and Design.

This comprehensive software package goes hand-in-hand with our Universal Instrument software, by supporting all custom configured laboratory instruments as well Labline configured instruments into one shared report system.

This integrated application is developed for Microsoft Windows ® OS and configured to a universal ODBC centralised Labline database (Available for Microsoft SQL Server ® and IBM DB2 ®).

Key Features

  • Fully customisable layout design
  • A wide range of drag-and-drop tools
  • Report reusability
  • Table Statistics and six sigma operations available
  • Advanced test result filtering
  • Data source grouping
  • Report Exporting options
  • Supports a wide range of instruments

Reports can be created from new (using blank templates) or from existing report designs, standard reports are also included.

Design Layout
Organising the report layout is simple, as each report is separated into a number of sections; Title Page, Header, Footer, Background (for watermarks), Content Pages, all devised into sections of sub reports.

Palette and Tools
Report designing is as simple as drag-and-drop, complete with a toolbox of key reporting elements such as:

  • Tables
  • Charts
  • Images
  • Graphical tools
  • Text and Custom Text (Parameters).
  • Page numbering
  • Date

Select and drag items into the report design. The more sophisticated elements will be prompted with a helpful step-by-step wizard dialogue.

Multiple Instruments
Any number of instrument models of the same compound can be presented in a singular report. Instruments include all Labline configured instruments and custom configured instruments.

Report Viewer
Once a report is created, it can be viewed in our query-based report publisher, equipped with three modes of test result filtration (standard, advanced and custom). Test results can be handpicked or excluded in a report.

Print & Export
A generated report populated with test results can be printed and exported to PDF and Microsoft Excel ®.

FlexiReports currently supports English and Russian.

Reports can be stored locally or on the network as a physical file or configured to the database, allowing reports to be imported and exported accordingly.

Dynamic Reports
Save time by utilising our report re usability options; the created reports can be reused for multiple compounds and their test specifications, using our queried-based filtering. Custom text parameters can be added, to allow vital and specific information to be changed during each report print, thus having the same report for multiple clients.

The chart component offers a choice of curve and trend charts, with options of: Displaying gates and limits via test point selection, axis scaling and styling. Curve charts can display any Labline channel, such as Torque and temperatures.

Test Pass/Fail
Report tables allow for automatic pass/fail of test points, with the additional option to highlight the offended test points by formatting or highlighting.

Table of test results can be organised and sorted into groups based a number of column elements such as: Date, Compound, Batch, Result and Pass/Fail. These can be in any order, with the preference of Ascending and Descending.

Statistics and Limits
A number of statistics can be included into a report table, with the option to reorder include/exclude and display limits in on top of the table, bottom or both. Statistics include:

Upper Standard Limit (USL)Lower Standard Limit (LSL)
MeanStandard Deviation (Std Dev)

This comprehensive software packages goes hand-in-hand with our Universal Instrument software, by supporting all custom configured laboratory instruments as well Labline configurable instruments into one shared report system.

Labline LIMS
Our acquisition and analysis software for laboratory elastomeric testing equipment.

More Information

Universal Instruments
Supports all manual-based rubber testing instruments and many more.

More Information

Labline Configurable Instruments

Prescott Instruments LtdAlpha TechnologiesMonsantoNegretti
Mooneyline Viscometer (All Models)Alpha MV2000Monsanto 1500S Mooney *Negretti Mooney *
Rheoline MDR (All Models)Alpha MDR2000Monsanto R100(S) Rheometer *
Rheoline ODRAlpha ODR2000
Rheoline MFR (All Models)

* Requires Interface Unit (RedBox)

The FlexiReports software suite provides a pluggable universal ODBC database feature,  that enables the option for further database expansion.

Supported Databases

  • Microsoft SQL Server ®
  • IBM DB2 ®

These supported databases are widely available and offer express and commercial products depending on your needs. Complete with database maintenance tools to enhance processing performance.

The functionality of the supported databases allows a smooth and rapid flow of data between our software packages; Labline, FlexiReports and Universal instruments. Please enquire for more details.

System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows ® XP/Vista/7/8
  • Intel Pentium Processor
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 100 GB Hard Disk

Software Requirements

  • Microsoft SQL Server ® or IBM DB2 ® Database; Database upgrade packages are available in order to provide a successful installation.
  • Java™ Runtime (JRE) Version 7 (Deployed with software)
  • Java™ Database ODBC driver (Deployed with software)

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