Rheoline Auto-Test

The operator has the simple task of loading samples into the Auto-Test designated loading slots. The maximum number of samples loaded at one time is four, with the option to load an additional sample after each test (if required).

The Rheoline Auto-Test is a cost effective choice in any laboratory suite, increasing laboratory productivity, by functioning in a semi-automatic sample loading mode.

Our unique patented belt tackles the issue of current automated systems: – slippage between the sample and the measuring transducer, which can lead to a reduction in accuracy and reproducibility. This technology ensures automation, without sacrificing the test performance.

The applicable curemeters are combined with a version of Labline analytical software that performs the test with a keystroke; the data is calculated in real-time, displaying live data traces on screen. After the test is complete the sample is removed from the test chamber and conveyed along the fabric belt, with the results automatically graded as pass or fail.

Compatible Auto-Test Instruments:

  • Rheoline Multi-Function Rheometer
  • Rheoline Moving Die Rheometer
  • Rheoline Mini MDR Lite

The Advantages of the Auto-Test:

  • Up to 4 samples queued ready for testing
  • Laboratory personnel free to perform other tasks
  • Automatic Pass/Fail of test results

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