Universal Instruments

Universal Instruments by Prescott Instruments is specialist acquisition software that converges important laboratory data from many sources into one electronic data process. Along with Labline configurable instruments, Universal Instruments also enables the manual entry of data from independent instruments that do not have the capability to electrically log data to a configured database.

All manual laboratory equipment and non-Labline configured instruments, such as Tensometer, Durometer/Hardness, Density Meter and Specific Gravity, can be registered as a generic instrument into our system.

In addition to the manual data entry facility, Prescott Instruments can also provide bespoke modules for automatically capturing file data from a variety of instruments and other software applications.

This innovative software suite allows the registration of any number of generic instruments, configures predetermined test definitions and transcribes data into an ODBC database. Microsoft SQL Server ® and IBM DB2 ® databases are supported, with the option of being networkable.

Management Console

Configure an unlimited amount of laboratory instruments, test points and manage compounds and test methods in a categorised manner.

Data Entry

Complete with the option of manual data input or automatic data parsing of a registered laboratory instrument, with the flexibility to manipulate and export test result data.

Key Features

  • Unlimited instruments registrations
  • Configure predetermined test points/definitions
  • Automatic pass/fail result
  • Calculable test points
  • Manual entry of instrument data
  • Tool for file monitoring & file data parsing
  • Export data files (supports a wide range of file types)
  • Transcribe data into an ODBC database (SQL Server ® or DB2 ®)
  • Integrated with the Labline database
  • Fully supported in FlexiReports

Manual Data Entry

The instrument configuration flexibility allows any type of autonomous instrument that does not have the capability to electrically transfer data to be set up as manual entry.

Automatic Data Capture

Equipped with file monitoring tools and file data parsing facilities for automatically capturing file data from a variety of instruments and other software applications. This feature requires bespoke modules, please contact our software support team for more information.


This software is fully supported in our FlexiReports package, an advanced reporting suite that collates all Universal Instrument data and Labline into one report system.

Test Pass/Fail

Test Points can be configured to automatically pass or fail tests based on predetermined gates. Limits can be added and recalculated at any time.

Result Export

Test Results can be exported into a wide range of file types such as .csv, for further analysis using Microsoft Excel ®, Quality Analyst SPC or any other analysis tool.

User Privileges and Security 

Three levels of security have been built into the software, which contain managerial, supervisory and basic privileges. The security system allows users and passwords to be configured, which once active can only be disabled by a manager.

Labline Configurable Instruments 

Prescott Instruments LtdAlpha TechnologiesMonsantoNegretti
Mooneyline Viscometer (All Models)Alpha MV2000Monsanto 1500S Mooney *Negretti Mooney *
Rheoline MDR (All Models)Alpha MDR2000Monsanto R100(S) Rheometer *
Rheoline ODRAlpha ODR2000
Rheoline MFR (All Models)

* Requires Interface Unit (RedBox). More Info.

Non-Labline Configurable Instruments

Universal Instruments supports an unlimited number of generic instruments, including manual-entry instruments and non-Labline configured instruments. Examples of manual entry instruments include Tensometer, Durometer/Hardness, Density Meter and Specific Gravity, all of which can be registered as a generic instrument.

 It is also possible to use bespoke modules to automatically capture file data from a number of instruments and other software applications. Please enquire for more details. 

Universal Instruments Supports

  • Microsoft SQL Server ®
  • IBM DB2 ®

These supported databases are widely available and offer express and commercial products depending on your needs. Complete with database maintenance tools to enhance processing performance.

The functionality of the supported databases allows a smooth and rapid flow of data between our software packages; Labline, FlexiReports and Universal instruments. Please enquire for more details.

System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows ® XP/Vista/7/8/10
  • Intel Pentium Processor
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 100 GB Hard Disk

Universal Instruments - Prescott Instruments

Register Instrument

Universal Instruments - Prescott Instruments

Design Test Method

Universal Instruments - Prescott Instruments

Data Acquisition

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