Tensile Testing

Prescott Instruments Tensile Testers are high precision models used to evaluate the tensile properties of specimens such as plastic and rubber. With a maximum force of either 5kN or 10kN and a long length extension of up to 1200mm, they are capable of characterising elastomeric materials across a wide range of loads.

Tensile testers are an essential laboratory instrument that accurately measures the elastomeric characteristics of a range of materials. Key results include maximum breaking force and extension, yield force, stress-stress diagrams and E-modulus curves. These parameters play a key role in determining material performance and long-term durability.

Used as a standalone instrument or in conjunction with a PC, it is possible to monitor force and extension in real-time using the LCD monitor or use the USB interface to export data. An in-built Windows software package is also included to easily review results and print basic test reports.

Using Universal Instruments, test data can also be exported and combined with additional laboratory instrument data into a single electronic process. Used in conjunction with Labline and FlexiReports, users can effectively handle laboratory data within a single management console and create bespoke reports that include results from multiple instruments.

Key Features

  • 5kN or 10kN maximum force
  • High-precision extensometer
  • Long-range travel
  • Maximum breaking force and extension.
  • Stress-strain diagram.
  • E-modulus curves.
  • Compare single or multiple results with added statistics
  • Connect to Labline using Universal Instruments software

Modes of Operation

  • Tension
  • Compression
  • Constant force  

Optional Extras

  • Secondary load cell
  • Extensometer
  • Pneumatic grips with foot pedal operation
  • Extensive range of grips and fixtures

Prescott Instruments Tensile Tester is complete with everything necessary to perform accurate and efficient elastomeric compound testing. High-performance vice grips are provided as standard, while foot pedal operated pneumatic grips are available as an optional upgrade. The provided PC comes pre-installed and calibrated with our bespoke data acquisition and analysis software, Universal Instruments.

  • Vice grips
  • Microsoft Windows ® OS PC (Monitor, keyboard and mouse)
  • Universal Instruments Software
  • All peripheral cables and connectors
  • Essential spares package

Max. force5 kN10 kN
Max. speed700 mm/min600 mm/min
Min. speed0.025 mm/min0.025 mm/min
Smallest free distance66 mm200 mm
Adapter size15.9 mm15.9 mm
Force resolution0.05 N0.05 N
Extension resolution0.0001 mm0.0001 mm
Motor90 W170 W
Crosshead extension500 mm1200 mm700 mm1200 mm
Weight37 kg53 kg80 kg105 kg
DimensionsH1036 mm1677 mm122 6mm1726 mm
W390 mm390 mm640 mm640 mm
D300 mm300 mm240 mm240 mm

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