Mini Mooneyline Viscometer Lite


The all new Mooneyline Mini Viscometer Lite has been built on the Mooneyline Viscometer range that has been sold worldwide for many years. Due to the vast advancements in rubber testing, Prescott Instruments have taken the opportunity to expand their Mooneyline range, adding a new and cost effective Mooneyline Mini Viscometer Lite to their instrument portfolio.

The instrument is supplied with everything you need to perform quick and efficient elastomeric compound testing. Featuring a compact design, the mini Mooney has the same rotor and die assembly as our standard Mooneyline Viscometer, and the rotor rotates at a constant speed to two revolutions per minute, and the torque is effectively measured and recorded. In addition, the new Mini Mooney conforms to ASTM D1646 and can perform the following industry standard tests; ML (1+X) viscosity tests, Scorch testing and Delta Mooney.

Key features:

  • Efficient use of bench space
  • Produce Trend charts
  • Meets the requirements of ASTM D1646
  • Scorch Testing & Delta Mooney
  • Automatic Pass/Fail Result


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Mini Mooneyline Viscometer Lite