Prescott Instruments Launches Intelligent Board System for Series 2000 Legacy Instruments

Prescott Instruments Intelligent Board Upgrade

Prescott Instruments is excited to announce the launch of the Intelligent Board system for Alpha series 2000 legacy instruments. Designed exclusively by Prescott Instruments, this upgraded machine board replacement takes advantage of existing machine connections to offer a simpler, safer, and more intuitive way to repair and refurbish outdated rheology instruments.

Believed to be the first of its kind, the Intelligent Board system is unique in that it offers users the chance to undertake the upgrade themselves, on-site, without the need for external engineers or personnel. This is due to the simplicity of the installation process: a simple and straightforward replacement of the existing machine board using the same connections. This means that any out of service machines can be up and running again within an hour.

As part of the Intelligent Board system, users can also benefit from a simultaneous upgrade to Labline, the fully comprehensive software suite designed and developed by Prescott Instruments. Together, the advanced machine control board and Labline software provide meaningful and immediate benefits. Users can be confident of enhanced reliability and longevity alongside contemporary software functionality.

The Intelligent Board system is an alternative to traditional repair and refurbishment options, which are often costly, lengthy and require relocation of instruments off-site. A simple replacement process can be completed in less than an hour, with the added convenience of staying on-site. A true plug-and-play solution that understands how prolonged instrument downtime and disruption can affect commercial operations.

From 2021, the Intelligent Board system is available for (Monsanto) Alpha MDR 2000. Soon, this will be expanded to include (Monsanto) Alpha MV 2000 and (Monsanto) Alpha ODR 2000 models.

For more information, visit the Intelligent Board Upgrade product page.