Prescott Instruments Expands Dynamic Line Range

Prescott Instruments DMA Tennis Ball Close Up Cold

Prescott Instruments is excited to announce the expansion of the Dynamic Line range with the introduction of the 1kN and 3kN Dynamic Mechanical Analyser (DMA) models. Redesigned and re-engineered for 2021, these new models feature state-of-the-art linear motor technology that provides 100% electric high force testing at frequencies of up to 100Hz.

DMA testing is a versatile method of characterising the physical and viscoelastic properties of pure materials, compounds and composites, and finished products. Samples can be tested using either static, quasi-static or dynamic (oscillatory) force. Test modes include strain sweep, frequency sweep and when used with the supplementary environmental chamber, temperature sweep. Furthermore, samples can be tested in multiple modes of deformation, including compression, tension, shear, flexure and cantilever.

The main principle of Dynamic Testing is that by oscillating a sample under load, the interplay between the viscous and elastic material properties can be investigated in a more advanced way than by using static forces alone. As force and extension are read directly from the instrument load cell and encoder, the precision of this primary measurement makes DMA an incredibly accurate method of measuring material behaviour under varying conditions. Many properties can be directly calculated from this accurate measurement, including but not limited to Storage and Loss Moduli, and Tan Delta.

The Dynamic Line range uses new Labline Software, complete with an easy-to-use interface and Test Wizard for an even quicker test setup. Developed exclusively by Prescott Instruments, Labline is an advanced LIMS system complete with a wide range of functionality that improves both quality management and productivity. Labline is network-compatible, enabling further integration with other laboratory instruments, using the Universal Instruments data management system.

For more information, visit the Dynamic Testing product page.