Instrument Comparison Guides

Choosing your next rubber testing instrument can sometimes be a challenge. With various instrument types, different modes of operation and additional options to choose from, it can be hard to find the perfect match for your application.

Use the guides below to compare and contrast the Rheoline range, Mooneyline range and the differences between the full-size and Mini variations:


Overview of comparisons between instruments:

Viscometer range

View technical specifications for the Mooney Viscometer, Mooney Viscometer Variable Speed and Mini Mooney Viscometer.

Rheometer range

Understand the differences between the Moving Die Rheometer, Multi-Function Rheometer and Oscillating Disc Rheometer.

Mini vs. full-size Mooney

Compare the compact and full-size versions of the Mooneyline Mooney Viscometer.

Mini vs. full-size MDR

Within the Rheoline range, explore the Moving Die Rheometer and Mini Moving Die Rheometer.

Rheometer vs. Viscometer

A concise comparison of rheometers and viscometers in the rubber industry, focussing on comparing the Rheoline Moving Die Rheometer with the Mooneyline Mooney Viscometer.



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