2022: A Year In Review

The year is almost over, and to end 2022 on a high note, we’d like to look back on all that the Prescott Instruments team have accomplished this year.

With a strong focus on continual product development, Prescott Instruments have introduced next-generation electronics to all instruments with new bespoke machine control boards. This means improved speed, faster data transfer and greater precision. In addition, Intelligent Board Upgrades are now available for all Alpha series 2000 machines (Alpha MDR 2000, ODR 2000 and MV 2000).

So, whether you’re purchasing a new instrument or upgrading, you benefit from the same level of advanced technology. You can read more about the new upgrades here.

With the expansion of the software development team, we have improved DMA Labline 2, our proprietary laboratory information management system (LIMS) for Dynamic Line instruments. With these upgrades, we’re giving you more control over your machine. You can now access new functions and features, including:

– Improved speed and reliability with the latest operating system versions

– Advanced data logging capabilities with next-gen electronics

– New data management console for handling large data sets

In addition, Prescott Instruments are still one of the few UK providers of ISO 17025 hardness meter calibration. With our ISO 17025 calibration, you can be sure that your hardness meters are accurate and reliable. We work with every customer to ensure that their machines meet the standards their industry and customers require.

Lastly, for the first time since the pandemic, Prescott Instruments exhibited at two major international trade shows— DKT IRC (Nuremberg, Germany) and K Show (Dusseldorf, Germany). With the help of our new international agents, we expanded our reach to new markets in France and Poland. You can view details for all Prescott Instruments international agents here.

 With more plans than ever before—and our commitment to always providing the best possible products and services—we’re excited about what’s coming up next. To keep up to date with the latest Prescott Instruments news, either check our News page or sign up for our newsletter.