Rheoline Multi-Function Rheometer

Here at Prescott Instruments we provide you with the latest innovations of rubber testing equipment and technologies. Within our testing range, we offer both Standard and Lite versions of Dynamic Shear Rheometer’s designed to supply you with the most advanced instruments available for your needs.

The idea behind the Multi-Function Rheometer has never changed: to deliver reliable results to the most precise accuracies with an extensive range of test stages and operations. All of which are present in both of our Multi-Function models, as well as a new generation In-line Servo Motor coupled with digital servo drive technology.

But what are the key differences?

The Multi-Function Rheometer has a fitted cooling system and pressure module, along with analytical Labline software and unlimited’ test methods. Supported with Automation.

Our Multi-Function Rheometer Lite is installed with our Labline Lite Software (maximum of 10 ‘Test Methods’ available at one time), with the optional module upgrades such as: Forced Cooling System and Pressure.


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Forced Cooling
An Air Cooling System to assist the operation of a Temperature Sweep.

Pressure Module
This enables an additional pressure channel reading for Labline, when equipped with a pressure transducer.


Automated belt systems designed to convey rubber samples into a test chamber:

Rheoline Auto-Load
Fully-Automatic 16 sample loader.

Rheoline Auto-Test
Semi-Automatic 4 sample tester.