Quality Sample Preparation

Here at Prescott Instruments we understand the importance of a safe and reliable sample preparation process, and that consistent samples can optimise your machine’s performance and ensure good procedures of quality control. Whether you need a Sample Cutter designed for Rheometry, a Viscometer, or even equipment that can cut various different types and sizes of rubber, we can support you.

How can we help?

We have developed an advanced selection of cutters to cover your needs and requirements. Our complete range includes our Rheoline Volumetric Sample Cutter, the Mooneyline Volumetric Sample Cutter and our Laboratory Bale Cutter; all of which will assist you in preparing quality samples that are ready for that all important next step – testing.


Our solutions


Bale Cutter

Looking for a simple and safe solution to cut sections of rubber? Our Bale Cutter is for you. Capable of cutting both natural and synthetic rubber, this model will produce manageable sample sizes ready for testing.


Rheoline Volumetric
Sample Cutter

Produce accurate samples with user defined volume of uncured rubber and polymer material.


Mooneyline Volumetric
Sample Cutter
You can rely on our Mooneyline cutter to deliver samples like no other – dependable, with precise shape, size and volume via a safe and easy process.


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