2021: A Year in Review

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Take a look back at what’s been happening in 2021

Before we dive into 2022, Prescott Instruments would like to review some of the newest additions to our portfolio of products and services that we have introduced during 2021. Plus, see what’s upcoming this year.

Updated: High-Elongation Tensile Testers


The high precision models can characterise the tensile properties of elastomers across a range of forces. Additional options include:

• high-spec extensometer
• wide range of grips and fixtures
• second load cell

5kN and 10kN models are available with a range of up to 1200mm.

Find out more here.

NEW: 1kn and 3kN Dynamic Mechanical Analysers


Reimagined and re-engineering to incorporate the latest in linear motor technology, the brand new Dynamic Line range features:

  • powerful all-electric operation
  • frequencies up to 100Hz
  • optional temperature chamber
  • exclusive Labline software

Find out more here.

NEW: Intelligent Board Upgrades

Intelligent Board Update B-1

An innovative repair and upgrade option for Alpha 2000 series instruments, the Intelligent Board Upgrade benefits from:

  • 1-hour turnaround
  • On-site installation
  • Improved speed and performance

Find out more here.

Coming Soon:

Prescott Instruments will soon expand our calibration services to include hardness tester calibration and hardness tester block calibration. This new service will complement our extensive range of laboratory equipment calibration services. More details to follow soon. Find out more about our current calibration capabilities here.

Upcoming Exhibitions:

  • DKT IRC 2021 (2022) – 27th to 30th June 2022 – Nuremberg, Germany
  • K SHOW 2022 – 19th to 26th October 2022 – Dusseldorf, Germany